From the beginning, Merit’s goal was to achieve customer satisfaction and product quality. Our equipment helps us achieve this Goal.   

 Amada  FO-4020 Laser
Amada FO-4020 Laser

 Amada Apelio III 357V Turret Punch
Amada FO3015MII with Automation

To ensure that Merit exceeds our customers’ expectations with every opportunity, our manufacturing team utilizes a very large capacity of state of the art laser cutting systems.


We are proud of the excellent reputation we have accomplished and continue to work with our staff and customer’s to continue offering such high quality of service to the manufacturing industry.

 Amada LCV-2412 Laser
Amada FOM2-3015NT Laser
 Amada LCV-2412 Laser
TruBend 5320



(8ft Long – 110 ton).

 Amada LCV-2412 Laser
Amada FBD-1025 Bending Machine